Build a sample Mediprocity package and estimate your monthly charges with this handy form.

If you are estimating an invoice for more than 150 users, have special circumstances or questions, or you just don’t want to do the math, contact us. We will custom-build a plan and personalize functionality and discounts for you.

Items Quantity Price/Month Total/Month
How many user accounts needed?
Would you like to add an advanced workflow?
Multi-Use Account i Team accounts are group messaging accounts for med carts, nurses’ stations, teams, etc.
Guest Messaging i Send a secure message to any email address or phone number, even if the recipient isn’t a Mediprocity user. $.013/message.
Auto Escalation i Automatically escalate a message to another user (supervisor, etc.) if it goes unread or unanswered for too long.
Would you like to add Secure Forms? i Tooltip message
Would you like to send us a sample form as an example?
Would you like to add SureSent? i Tooltip message

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